This is a challenge for survival mode: you need to spawn on an island in the middle of the ocean with no land around. Then you need to see if you can survive only with the resources available on the island.


  1. You can only use the resources that you find on the island.
  2. Peaceful mode is not allowed!
  3. You can mine as much as you want but you can’t dig a tunnel and come out on other lands.
  4. Your only base is allowed on the island.
  5. You can’t switch to creative mode at any time!

Extra challenges:

  1. Build a working farm either with crops or with animals you find on or near the island.
  2. Explore the rest of the world by sea but remember you’re only allowed to build a base on the island.
  3. Try to explore the nether!

Have fun with it, use your resourcefulness and creativity skills and see what you can do!