The Canadian Grand Prix in 2011 was officially the longest race in grand prix history lasting a total of 4 hours, 4 minutes and 32 seconds! And it was definitely one of the most exciting with dramatic weather and awesome on track action. Rewatch it here and answer the following questions 🙂

  1. Who qualified on pole?
  2. What was unusual about the race start?
  3. Who started the race from the pitlane?
  4. What lap did the race action start?
  5. Who collided at the first corner on lap five?
  6. What happened in the pits on lap eight?
  7. Why was Button given a penalty?
  8. What happened on lap 20?
  9. Why was the race stopped?
  10. How long was the race stopped for?
  11. How long did the safety car stay out after the restart?
  12. Who was second after the restart?
  13. What happened on lap 37?
  14. What happened to Di Resta on lap 44?
  15. Who gained two places to tenth on lap 46?
  16. What happened to Heidfeld on lap 56?
  17. What happened on the final lap?
  18. Who was on the podium?
  19. Who got the fastest lap of the race?
  20. Name one other statistic that came from this race?