There’s an island in the Pacific Ocean where the beach is covered with black and white stones. When a man reaches the age of 18, a woman is chosen for him to marry. They are taken down to the beach and one black and one white stone is put in a bag. The priest holds out the bag and man takes a stone (without seeing them). If it’s white, he can choose if he marries the girl. If it’s black, he doesn’t have a choice and has to marry her. When one particular man turns 18, the priest chooses a really horrible, mean, not very nice girl for him to marry. He knows that if the man takes the white stone out of the bag, he won’t marry her but he really wants to get the girl married off so he puts two black stones in the bag. The man finds out the priest is planning to do this but can’t do anything about it. They go down to the beach for the ceremony and the priest offers him the bag with two black stones in it. But the man doesn’t marry the girl. How?