The other week, some of my little cousins challenged me to make a positive quotes canvas. Originally, I was going to have a section for all of my clubs but I realised that there aren’t really any quotes for Minecraft so I changed that section to David Bowie. But apart from that, I’ve picked my favourite quotes about each of the club topics and your challenge is to choose your favourite entertainment franchise, character, books, sport or pretty much anything and make your own canvas!

The first thing you need to do is get a plain canvas or piece of card. I got the canvases from The Works and they weren’t too expensive. You will also need paints (any paint- I used washable paints in primary colours so I could mix them) and glitter glue if you want it. I wrote the quotes using metallic marker pens but sharpies, gel pens or anything relatively permanent will work.

Make a safe, clean apace to work such as tables or on the floor but lined with newpapers, plastic bags or something to protect the surface. Then you can mix the paint and blend it, do separate sections or just choose one colour- it’s totally up to you! Just make sure the whole canvas is coloured and wait for it to dry before adding the quotes. I have cats so trying to paint and dry canvases on a floor is pretty much impossible!

Then you can choose your quotes and write them on. Use different colours of pens to make it stand out and I drew some symbols of each of the different sections. Finish it off with glitter glue if you want and you’re done! Looks awesome once it’s finished 🙂