Hi F1 fans! If you’re part of F1 Club at school, you will already have seen the 1999 Australian Grand Prix but it’s one of the few full races that F1 have allowed on YouTube so it’s the one I’m focussing on today. First task: make flapjacks if you can and are allowed! The recipe is here: FLAPJACKS!!! You can also print out wordsearches or colouring pages to do while you watch if you have access to a printer: https://misscaldwellsawesomeclubsorg.wordpress.com/2020/03/18/colouring-pages/

Next task: watch the race. Pay close attention- there are questions to answer! Whoever gets the highest score gets 5 kudos points 🙂


  1. Who was world champion going into the 1999 season?
  2. Who was on pole position?
  3. Why was the first start aborted?
  4. Who led into the first corner?
  5. Why did Hill retire?
  6. How many laps did it take for Schumacher to get to 11th position?
  7. Why did Coulthard retire?
  8. Why was the safety car deployed?
  9. Why was Barrichello given a penalty?
  10. What happened to Hakkinen on lap 18?
  11. Why was the safety car deployed for the second time?
  12. Who led following the restart?
  13. What happened to Wurz on lap 28?
  14. What was unusual about Michael Schumacher’s lap 38?
  15. Who was leading on lap 43?
  16. Which three drivers were on the podium?