OK, I can take no responsibility for the idea of these cards- it’s taken from an idea a student at school had for painting Top Trumps cards (and if you’re reading this- THANK YOU!). But basically it’s a fun and easy way to make your own Harry Potter quote cards!

The first thing you need is some Top Trumps cards. If you don’t have them, you could use playing cards and stick a picture of your favourite character on those. Then you paint all around the card in any colour you like. I’ve gone for gold for Harry to represent the Snitch but you can use any colour. Paint all the way around the picture, just leaving the Patronus.

Then you need to wait for the paint to dry. I have no patience whatsoever so I usually use a hairdryer on the cold setting but you can go off and so something else till it’s dried. Next thing is to choose your favourite quote from that character and write it on the card. It’s best to use gel pens or Sharpies for this bit. After that, you can add glitter glue round the edge or just leave it plain! Feel free to experiment with other Top Trumps and see what you can make 🙂