Since it’s Disney Club day, I’m going to post a step-by-step guide to how to draw a manga Elsa. Manga is a bit different to traditional cartoon so the characters will look more ‘cartoon-y’ but I really like the manga style and once you’ve tried it a few times, you get used to it and it’s a relatively easy style of drawing. Art is not my strong subject so your drawings will probably be way better than mine!

You will need a pencil, rubber, black pen and either felt tips or colouring pencils. All your guidelines and sketch drawing will be done in pencil so leave the pen aside for the moment!

This is the basic template for drawing manga faces. The first thing you need to do is draw a circle and divide it into quarters (four equal parts). Don’t worry about it being too neat- it’s just a guideline for the face. Then you need to divide the bottom half of the circle into four equal parts HORIZONTALLY.

Then it starts to get a bit more complicated. Look at the bottom half of the face and put a dot the same distance as half of the bottom half of the face. This will be the chin. Then draw two more dots just below the chin but as far out as the line that marks half of the bottom half of the face. Don’t worry too much about the proportions (measurements); look at the example and draw it as close as you can.

The eyes go between the third and fourth lines in the bottom of the face and the eyebrows go on the line above. There are lots of styles of manga eyes but I just use the basic shape which is the size or the gap between the lines. Then you can add detail to make her look like Elsa!

Then it’s on to the body! I’m not brilliant at bodies but will have a go… Divide the page into lines roughly the size of the head. Ideally you will have six or seven gaps; my page is small so I only have five but it doesn’t really matter, just means Elsa will look smaller and more cute! Use the guidelines to work out proportions for the body- the waist should be about two thirds of the way between the third gap (including the head) and her arms are a bit longer. Apart from that, you can design Elsa however you want!

Then you can use the black pen! Draw over the lines you want to keep and rub out the pencil guidelines. You have a manga Elsa! Then you can colour it in however you want- I used felt tips but coloured pencils work really well too. Have fun with it! Now you have the basics of a manga person, you can experiment with other people… Enjoy!