Hi guys 🙂 since it’s Friday which would usually be F1 Club day, I’m going to post an F1-related craft project but you can change or adapt it to anything you want. It’s a canvas magazine collage which is made from pictures from magazines, leaflets, printed off the internet, photos or anything you have access to. And you can customise it or make it random, totally up to you!

First thing you need is some canvases. I bought mine from The Works- you can get three for £3 or £5 depending on the size and they’re really worth it because you can use them for lots of different projects. You will also need PVA glue, old magazines or leaflets (or anything really to cut up and collage) and scissors. Remember to stay safe using scissors and ask an adult’s permission!

Then comes the fun part! From the magazines or leaflets, cut out lots of pictures or text that you want to put on your canvas. Mine is Kimi Raikkonen-themed (he’s a Formula One driver for non-F1 people and he is AWESOME) so I chose pictures and articles of Kimi. But you can choose whatever you want- it doesn’t have to be themed, you can just choose pictures and colours you like if you want to.

Once you have lots of pictures to use, get the PVA glue and pour some into a small container. Add a little bit of water (not too much) to thin it down a bit. Then make sure you have somewhere safe to make your canvas- I usually use old plastic bags to protect the surface I’m working on but check with an adult and see what they think. It’s going to be messy so be really careful!

Then put your canvas on the protected surface and lay put the pictures next to it. Take a picture and dip it into the PVA glue mixture. Don’t get it too wet, just enough to cover it. Put it on the canvas and keep adding more pictures until the canvas is totally covered. Make sure it’s not too wet with glue- you can use some kitchen roll to wipe it off if you need to. Then let it dry and you’re done! Have fun and make as many different ones as you want- my house is full of them and it’s a really good way to show what you’re interested in 🙂